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Welcome to Season 2!  We are back with more design tips, trends, and (of course) tangents. For our first episode, we reveal our predictions for 2021. Is “Farmhouse Modern” here for good? Will “granny” stay “chic?” We also tackle listener questions with topics ranging from rentals, to dog proofing, to guest rooms, and more.




more is more

In the year ahead, we're predicting a surge in maximalism. Think granny chic, pattern, color, furniture with curves, portraits, pastorals, greens, yellows, terracottas, and wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper. 

On the way out? Farmhouse modern, all white everything, open floor plans, fast furniture, abstract giclees, gray paint, and accents walls.
Photo: Beata Heuman 

make way for a british invasion

We can't get enough of the amazing textiles, wallpapers, furnishings, and lighting coming out of London. 

Photo: Ottoline

British brands we are loving right now include Ottoline, Justin Van Breda, Lewis and Wood, Hamilton Weston, and Hector Finch

apartments and rentals

You asked and we agree! Rental homes and apartments can be super tricky. You want to love your space, but you also want to make smart investments. 

Items that are worth the splurge are pieces that will easily translate to your next space. These include lamps, pillows, a great coffee table, sheets, counter stools, and accessories. 

Areas to save on are those that become structurally integrated, or that are dimensionally specific. These include hardware, overhead lighting, wall treatments, carpets, and sofas. Please read and repeat before you splurge on a sectional: this will probably NOT work in your next space.

Photo: Marisa Vitale via Apartment Therapy

DIYs are a great way to make a temporary space feel like your own. Our faves are peel and stick wallpaper from Chasing Paper, Washy Tape for creating mural walls (see pic above for inspo!)stainless steel contact paper to gussie-up appliances, and faux, stick-on subway tiles for backsplashes.

dogs and baby proofing

As we always like to say on the GUSSIE, there is no proof. Kids, dogs, babies, husbands, and just life in general take a toll on furniture. 

That said, there are things you can do to elongate the life of your pieces. If you're in the market for hearty upholstery materials, look for fabrics like "Crypton," "Sunbrella," or anything in the "poly" family. Leathers and faux vinyls can also be a great choice. 

Photo: Walter G. Textiles

If your dog loves to jump on your family room sofa, consider covering the sofa with a blanket when you're out for the day to protect the upholstery from hair, dirt, and (let's be honest!) odor. Also, please do not to break the bank when purchasing carpets. Accidents will happen. 

For families with young children, try to keep snacking limited to certain areas, like the breakfast nook. Always a good idea to have a small tv in the kitchen so you don't have to tussle with the littles when they want to snack while watching their favorite show. 

Finally: yearly upholstery and carpet steam cleaning is a must!

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