"the GUSSIE Guide to Antiquing" Featured on Antiquarius


Hello Friends!

Pamela Frisoli and Susannah Heyworth here from Trovare Home and “the GUSSIE,” our new design podcast and online home boutique. We are thrilled to be kicking off what is officially the first day of Antiquarius 2020: Together at Home. For many of us, Antiquarius is a treasured part of our holiday traditions. Although this year looks different, we are so grateful that the Greenwich Historical Society has resourcefully reimagined our holiday favorites. 

1. Ask questions. Even in the virtual setting, be sure to ask the history or provenance of a piece. Another great question to ask is how the piece was acquired or found. The answer could lead to a treasure trove of information that will help you assess the value of the item.

2. Do Your Research. What something is worth is pretty easy to discover these days. Don’t be afraid to use your search engines for market knowledge. Subscribe to art and antique auction sites to gain access to information about your potential purchase. Remember though: auction prices are never commensurate with retail prices.

3. Be creative. Sometimes the best pieces just need a little “gussie.” Think outside the box, and remember anything can be upgraded from upholstery, to hardware, to finishes. A fresh lacquer in a fun color is a game-changer!  

4. Have a plan. Finding the needle in the haystack might be hard but knowing what you are looking for keeps you focused and inhibits impulse buying.

5. Have Fun. Browsing for antiques and vintage pieces should be fun! Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed or over-pressured. The hunt should be as delicious as the spoils.