backstory: starting the GUSSIE

We like to say that the GUSSIE was born of gusto. As friends, design partners, retailers, treasure hunters, fabric and wallpaper worshippers, we had long been searching for a way to connect with other self-professed design junkies. 

One night at our Greenwich store, we opened up a bottle of wine and began talking about our favorite design podcasts. As design professionals, we loved these shows (and still do!). And yet, we wondered whether these industry-centered podcasts were equally appealing to our design clients, or homeowners like the chic women who shop at our store. Suddenly it clicked: we live and breathe design, we love sharing what we know, we love to talk...we should do a podcast. 

The goal of the GUSSIE podcast is to demystify the components of good interior design. In our first season we covered the basics, including design styles, vintage finds, furniture up-cycling, Marie Kondo, budgets, carpets, drapes, textiles, favorite design books, lighting, seasonal accessorizing, and much, much more. We also sat down with some of the most creative minds in the business. With Season 2 launching in February 2021, we hope to continue this mission. Stay tuned for more design tips and tricks, more talented guests, and of course more tangents.

Like the podcast, the goal of our online boutique is to give everyone access to beautiful things. In this age of social media saturation and information overload, it's easy to get lost in a sea of choices. This is especially true in the realm of home design, and the reason why many of our clients turn to us for help.

As design professionals and brick and mortar retailers, we spend our days researching, editing, and curating. 
The items in our GUSSIE boutique represent our absolute favorite finds, bestsellers from our Greenwich store, and special pieces we often choose for our clients' homes. 

While we love our day jobs, our new podcasting venture has enabled us to connect with design enthusiasts far and wide. Between chatting with designers all around the country and receiving feedback from our listeners, one thing is eminently clear: how we feel about our homes has never been more important.


Susannah & Pamela 

the GUSSIE girls 

Our first season is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or right here on our site. Season 2 launches in February 2021.